Pesos for Pizzas

KTAR => Pizza Patron to Accept Pesos Permanently

Pizza Patron has made a bit of notoriety for themselves by temporarily accepting pesos for payment, now they’re extending that policy permanently.

“What the pesos for pizza program is intended to do is reinforce our brand promise – as the premier U.S. Latino brand and focus on serving the Latino community like we have done for 20 years,” Pizza Patron founder and chief executive Antonio Swad said in a statement. “We have carved this niche in the pizza industry to compete and serve an underserved market – the Latino customer, not to make any political statement.”

I’ve always thought they were clever monkeys a Pizza Patron. They identified a market that was being under-represented and grabbed it. The controversy, of course, is because you could infer that they’re helping illegal immigrant buy food.

They’re selling food for crying out loud, not encouraging illegal immigration.

I’ve not had the opportunity to try a Pizza Patron pizza for review yet because, as far as I can tell, all their locations are take-out only.

[Update 3/6/2007 – latest reports indicate the program has only been extended till April.]

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